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Have you ever heard a parent say, “Oh I just can’t WAIT for this year’s school play!”?

No. No you haven’t. Because for the most part, school plays are three-and-a-half hour marathon adaptations of a *cough* tale as old as time.

After sitting through a handful of these school productions – every time regretting that we didn’t bring snacks, a hip flask and a CUSHION – we decided to take matters into our own hands. We started writing and creating productions for primary and secondary schools that were fun, contemporary, inclusive and ran for 70 minutes, maximum. No interval. You’re welcome.

And with titles like The Great Chiko Roll Mystery of 1983, what’s not to love?

We have now been writing children’s stage plays for over twenty years, including original and adapted plays for primary and secondary schools, as well as for Stage School Australia. So get in touch and find out how Kiss&Go can make your next school production truly memorable.

We also run school sessions for secondary students focussing on finding and following their passion with a combination of optimism, pragmatism and simple hard work. We also run more specialised script and performance workshops for secondary students pursuing studies in the performing arts.

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Would you like to provide your students with a real theatre experience, entertain your whole school community and have a wonderful memory for everyone to treasure, not to mention elevate your Performing Arts program to a higher level than ever before?  Then look no further and engage this dynamic duo!

I can’t thank Fiona and Mike enough for the “Sunnyville” production experience of 2019. Incredible script with an opportunity for every child to be involved, “Sunnyville” certainly had it all –acting, dancing, humour, nostalgia, singing, costumes, props and much more. Audience members were left in awe of the performance and every student’s face was beaming with pride, as they took to the stage for a standing ovation.

I can’t speak highly enough about what this opportunity and experience provided for my whole school community, but most of all my students were shining stars, highly engaged in the whole process and mentored by a fabulous team.

Feel free to contact me to find out more.

  • Natalie Rose – Ripponlea Primary School Principal


I assistant directed Fiona Harris’ Sunnyville in July 2019. Fiona’s writing is accessible, educational and relevant to the students who loved the original story. The community loved it too. Mike’s music and films complimented the writing and both Mile and Fiona were in constant contact with subject teachers, the principal and Performing Arts, coming in for rehearsals, teaching songs and directing. Rehearsals were consistent and informative, students learnt so much and loved being part of the experience. Their expertise in the field was clear and they are fantastic to work with. I have also used a lot of Fiona’s other plays in secondary schools and recently many of her plays were used in a project only showing once scene excerpts. Her writing is creative funny and engaging for young people and I would read her scripts again.

As a Performing Arts teacher I could not have done the Sunnyville production alone I can only recommend them both as facilitators, producers, directors and creators.

  • Abigail Wright, Performing Arts Teacher, Melbourne, Australia



I was blown away by the show Fiona wrote, directed and produced.  The play was funny, optimistic and good natured. She wrote a speaking part for EVERY child who wanted one. She coaxed a performance out of the most reluctant performer.  During the show I could see how excited and proud the kids were, and the parents left on an even greater high. I liked it so much I bought the DVD!

  • Judi McCrossin, TV writer/producer of shows including The Secret Life of UsThe Wrong Girl and The Time of Our Lives.


I’ve been to a multitude of plays over the past 18 years of my kids schooling and ‘The Great Chiko Roll Mystery’, has been one of my favourites – the storyline was so relatable and I found myself remembering similar, great summer holidays.  I couldn’t help smiling throughout the show and wanting to sing along to some of my favourite songs from the 80’s.  The clever and humorous dialogue, whilst being suitable for primary school kids to perform, was thoroughly entertaining for the adults in the audience. I have to say also that the 90 minute duration was perfect for the kids performing as well as the families watching!

I would encourage people of all ages to go see this production and if you want to escape from the hustle and bustle of the city into memories of summer by the beach you must see this school play!

  • Atia Cader, Creative Director, Paper Stone Scissors


It was clever and funny. I loved seeing the kids embrace a simpler time when Chiko rolls ruled, caravan parks were holiday destinations and phone calls were made in booths. The Great Chiko Roll Mystery of 1983 was a nostalgic journey that brought back wonderful memories for the parents, whilst introducing the students to a simpler time. When Chiko rolls were worshipped instead of phones. A great showcase of dance, song and caravan culture. Loved it.

  • Chris Jeffares, CEO – Cummins and Partners Advertising Agency


I loved Sunnyville. It was funny, extremely entertaining and a great showcase of each of our ripper students. Fiona should be commended for writing such an amazing piece for the kids to perform in, and Mike’s original songs were brilliant! Well done and I can’t wait to see what you come up with next!

  • Kym Smith, Ripponlea Primary School Parent



The Great Chicko Roll Mystery of 1983” was one of the best school concert productions I’ve seen … and I’ve been with the primary school for over 10 years!  The whole concept was simple but very effective.  From costumes, to props, music, lighting and performance – the whole show was cleverly thought through. The audience loved it and the whole production was over within 75 minutes and it was very funny!  Every child who wanted a speaking part was provided with one and all the supporting grades had plenty of time to shine on stage during their dance number and the finale … from parents and grandparents’ perspective it was perfect … entertaining, very relatable and nostalgic and not too long. The parent volunteers loved it … the costumes were simple to source and the props were easy to construct.  This not only kept costs down but it meant the production did not become a burden for a small number of people. The teachers loved it because it was simple to conduct rehearsals in small groups and bring the whole show together with a minimum number of whole school rehearsals. I would highly recommend other primary schools consider using this production and Fiona & Mike’s previous production for Ripponlea Primary (“Let’s Go To The Movies”) which was a similar format.

  • Kylie Giffer, Ripponlea Primary School Parent



Artwork by Mykel Rugers